Stainless Steel Chef Knife Set

photo of a knife set similar to the deglon chef kinfe set

Stainless Steel Chef Knife Set Awesomely Designed Editor’s Rating Fed up with squashing your tomatoes instead of slicing them? It might be counter-intuitive but sharper knives mean safer knives.  Why do your knives go blunt so quickly? Kitchen knives are for sale everywhere but if you want a classy looking … Read more

Willpower Safe

Photo of a man chilling out at home getting no work done

Overcome Your Lack of Willpower and Build Good Habits Editor’s Rating Do you resolve not to eat any more cookies & then give in? Are you trying to stop smoking but keep reaching for the fags? Did you decide not to drink any more scotch as your poured – then … Read more

Heng Balance Designer Magnetic Lamp

Photo of a lamp on a desk next to a furniture

Juggle Two Balls Lamp Editor’s Rating Cleverly designed stylish lamp with suspended magnetic balls that you play with until you get them to balance suspended when the light will shine. This piece of art will light your room with style and a calming warm light that creates the perfect mood.  … Read more

Joseph Joseph Knife Cleaner

Photo of knives that will be hard to clean

False Teeth Cutlery Cleaner Editor’s Rating A handy, easy-grip kitchen cutlery cleaner is the perfect accessory for safely cleaning sharp kitchen knives, scissors, etc. The tough brushes will safely clean both sides of your knives and it’s well designed to help keep your fingers away from the cutting edges as … Read more

The Old (Plastic) Bag Sealer

photo of many pieces of stale crisps

Handy Handheld Plastic Bag Sealer Editor’s Rating Do you realize why you need a plastic bag sealer? Are you fed up with shampoo leaking in your luggage? Does your fridge smell of the fish you are wanting to cook? This 2-pack plastic bag sealer has so many uses and has … Read more

Water Resistant Laptop Backpack Bag with USB Charging Port

photo of a man traveling with hes travel backpack

Not For Drips Backpack Editor’s Rating Great design and ideal size make this a perfect water-resistant laptop backpack for women. What do you want from a backpack?  Charging your phone while traveling is a boon.  You also want a water-resistant backpack that will keep your computer (up to 17-inch size) … Read more

Nostalgia Retro 3 in 1 Breakfast Station – Family Sized

photo of pancakes made with eggs for breakfast

Multi-Task Your Break Fast Editor’s Rating Are you tight for space because the kitchen is too small? Are you a student with limited cooking facilities? Save your mornings people and make a complete breakfast with this family-sized retro 3-in-1 Breakfast Station.  Or whip up breakfast before your lectures and save … Read more

Personal Air Con for travel, home or office

Photo of a place that is cold and chilling

Air Con for Cool Peeps Editor’s Rating Do you toss and turn at night wishing it was cooler? Are you sitting at your desk cursing the broken air con and can’t concentrate? What you need is a personal air-con. Like most things, these days nano is the way to go … Read more

Gift Bag Organizer

Photo of gift wrapped Christmas presents

Get Organized with this Gift Bag Organizer / Gift Wrap Organizer Editor’s Rating This gift bag organizer is also a gift wrap organizer – and it’s a great idea! Are you fed up with searching for gift wrap paper when you need it? Are you wasting hours looking for that … Read more

Ultraloq UL3 Smart Fingerprint Lock

photo of Door lock with no finger print

Man Cave Smart Door Lock Editor’s Rating Do you want access control that is easy and keyless? Do you want a fingerprint lock with a code alternative that can manage your office access? Sick of losing keys and sick of cutting them? If you are fed up with a lack … Read more