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Overcome Your Lack of Willpower and Build Good Habits

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Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container
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As of: 2024/04/14 5:56 am - Details
Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container
(As of: 2024/04/14 5:56 am - Details)
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Do you resolve not to eat any more cookies & then give in?

Are you trying to stop smoking but keep reaching for the fags?

Did you decide not to drink any more scotch as your poured – then poured another one?

The kSafe mini-safe locks up your weaknesses until the hour cometh for the timer to release your pleasures.

If you are not superhuman then you will know that a resolution not to smoke, binge drink or stuff cookies in your mouth is only as good a solution until your willpower suddenly deserts you and you give in to your vices.

This smart safe has you act on your impulsive surge of willpower and dump your vices into the safe, set the timer and push the button. 

kSafe Clear Willpower Safe
kSafe Mini WIllpower Keeper

The safe resolutely refuses to give you what you desire most until the timer runs out.

You can’t cheat and override it and it’s really hard to break into.

It is actually the perfect gift for mean parents to give their kids and then hide away the sweets and doughnuts for several days – they make smaller clear plastic kSafes so you can watch them watching their sweets knowing they are just out of reach hahaha

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Review the Top 5 Reasons to Buy the Kitchen Safe

  • This is something to boost your willpower by locking things up until the time you set it.
  • If you want to stop yourself playing PS4 before 6 o’clock but you just can’t stop yourself, this safe can make it happen.
  • On a diet but it’s not going well?  Just put all the sugar and fats in this safe to keep it safe from yourself.
  • Would be a good thing to have if your child is playing too many games or eating too much candy.
  • Great boost for productivity.
KSafe Time Locking Container - Willpower Safe