Whole Bottle Wine Glass

Wine by the Bottle Glass

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Not going to overdo it are we?  The wine by the bottle glass ensures your continued integrity when asked ‘how many you had?’, and answer only a glass!

But then again if you are that guilty of admitting how much you are drinking then perhaps it is time to cut down? 

Or if you are that under the thumb then maybe time to put your foot down – before you’ve drunk the bottle though!

Several varieties with suitable mottos on the front of the bottle – or was it the back – makes for a humorous gift especially around Christmas to your favorite drunk uncle (or aunt).

Probably not endorsed by Alcoholics Anonymous but still a bit of fun!

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Review the Top 5 Reasons to Buy the BigMouth Inc Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

  • You don’t need to keep pouring wine when you want some more.
  • Great gift for wine lovers.
  • Beautiful design and good quality glass.  It also has funny mottos printed on it.
  • You can confidently answer the ‘how many you had?’ question with ‘only one glass.
  • The quality is amazing.

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