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We at Weird by Design know most of us live our lives constrained by time. We jump out of bed. Grab a quick shower and bite to eat. Give the kids and our partner a peck on the cheek. Sit on the bus train or in traffic getting to work. Toil away in our office at our desks with barely enough time for lunch. Get back on the bus, train or into the traffic to drive home. Grab a bite to eat that collapse on the sofa to watch the latest episode on Netflix.

Somewhere in all of that we get to rush to the supermarket to buy our weekly needs – but since you’re reading this you’ll be saving time with online shopping I guess.


At the weekends, there may be time to pursue some of the things we really want, or think we want to do. A time to dial back our hectic schedules during the week.

We are busy running around like chickens with no heads, trying to make ends meet and keep things together. Meanwhile, millions of products are churned out to gobble up the fruits of our labours. Huge shops, hundreds of thousands of retail square feet, are stacked floor to ceiling with stuff.

Stuff that we need to eat. Stuff that you need to drink. Stuff for the kids. Stuff the school. Stuff for the office. Stuff to put the stuff in you buy. Stuff for commuting. Stuff for your holidays. Stuff are your hobbies and so the list goes on. Most of this stuff is day-to-day and utilitarian. If we want to find something a little out of the ordinary then we have to plough through all this other stuff just to find it. It takes hours, days nay weeks or probably months of our time, just sifting through stuff trying to find stuff that isn’t just stuff.

Stuff Swamping Life
Stuff Stuff Stuff – Lives Full of Stuff

In amongst all the ordinary, there are some things that truly are worth a pause to consider. Things that are worth a moment to caress because they are feel wonderful to touch. Things that are worth gazing at because the beautiful. Things that have been designed to do amazing things. Things that really do make a life little easier. Things that are useful and help us pursue our hobbies. Things that are a little magical and special. These are the things, apart from human connection, that together make up some of the moments that take our life out of the mundane. It is these things that we want to bring to you and separate from all the other stuff. In so doing we hope we can save you some time and maybe show you some things you wouldn’t otherwise see.

Our website is split into sections. At home we live our life in areas designated for various tasks. There’s the kitchen and dining room where we eat. The living room where we relax, read a book, watch TV maybe enjoy a glass of wine together or play games. The bathroom where we keep ourselves clean. The bedroom where we sleep and usually where we explore other feelings and connections. Garden where we can get some fresh air and a little solitude maybe.

We also spend time out of the house pursuing our hobbies and sometimes travel on holiday. Or maybe take a day out with the family walking or hiking or camping.

There are products that are used in all these various areas of our life. The menu of our website is similarly segregated with additional sections to group products that are technologically amazing, particularly geeky or gadgety, things to personalise our office or desk and the somewhat selfish man cave. Weird by Design has these broad categories in our menu to help you find what you are looking for.

Weird Things are Happening These Days
Strange Things are Happening These Days

Weird by Design is therefore a collection of the slightly less than ordinary and truly amazing things to help you find what you are looking for as quickly as possible.

The website is a blend of comment on interior design, really useful utilitarian products useful for hobbies and travel, technically advanced things and stuff that has been thoughtfully and unusually designed. Sometimes we also feature stuff that is simply weird.

The somewhat cliched Pareto principle of 80/20 can be applied to life. 80% is practically meaningless trudge to survive and then there is 20% that is meaningful, beautiful and touches our senses.

Weird by Design will focus on that 20% and we really hope we can help you save time and maybe find things that you wouldn’t otherwise come across. It is these 20% of things that define you materially.

Please enjoy our website and rate our articles to help us understand what we’re doing right and what were doing wrong. Your feedback is incredibly important to us as it enables us to reach our goal of helping you. Just hit the link to the contact page to drop us an email and let us know your thoughts or ideas to improve our service to you.

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