Puraflame Flame Effect Electric Fake Fireplace

Inviting Cockle Warmer

You have to love the moniker “Faux Electric Fireplace” – any way to avoid using the words Fake Electric Fireplace huh! 🙄

Puraflame Alice 50"
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As of: 2024/04/16 3:33 pm - Details
Puraflame Alice 50"
(As of: 2024/04/16 3:33 pm - Details)
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It’s a shame because the PuraFlame Fake Effect Electric Fireplace is a fine contender as an idea to bring some warmth, charm and a focal point into cold living rooms.

Even better, put some fire back in your bedroom.  Warm the bed and set the mood – keep it going for as long as you please anywhere up to 9 hours – WOW – from 30 minutes. 

Any less than that would not be that fulfilling anyway!  The best bit is the remote which gives you complete control. 😳

The fake effect electric heater has two settings, low and high – set your speed as you please.  A two-speed fan is provided to quietly blow you.

PuraFlame Recessed Electric Fake Fireplace

The fireplace is provided with crystal stones (they’re going to suit the yoga lovers) or logs effect accessories (which look much more realistic).   

Ultra High-Intensity LED flame effect bulbs to provide a very bright and realistic fire effect. 

These can be set for ultra-cool Mr. Blue, subtle yellow lurking with a hint of blue, plain and simple all yellow, or mysterious orange. 

Actually, there are other colors in the mix – seemingly more with the crystal rock options.

The electric fire will fit into a 6″ recess which you can form with stone or brickwork or some other architectural texture. 

It can be hardwired or simply plugged into the wall – but we’re not sure who wants to spoil the effect with cables and plugs visible so don’t do that.

Review the Top 5 Reasons to Buy the PuraFlame Alice Electric Fireplace

  • Thermostat control and remote controls together with a touchscreen on the unit itself make it convenient.
  • Great colors to provide ambiance.
  • Recessed makes fitting the unit relatively easy and gives an opportunity to texturize part of the wall for better and flexible interior design.
  • Relaxing whilst providing a focal point to the room when the telly is not on.
  • Mood setting – definitely an X-factor.