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Air Con for Cool Peeps

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Do you toss and turn at night wishing it was cooler?

Portable Air Conditioner 4 in 1
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Portable Air Conditioner 4 in 1
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Are you sitting at your desk cursing the broken air con and can’t concentrate?

What you need is a personal air-con.

Like most things, these days nano is the way to go and this personal air-con embodies luck.

In the far east 9 is a lucky number and with a good reason for the ancients that gave birth to the tradition must have known that nano is the way to go. 

The nano filter will purify the air and avoid blowing dust, germs and other crap in your face.

This is a portable air con so you can easily take it to bed with you!

Personal AC – Great Personal Gift

Are you looking for a personal gift for someone – a gift that is just for them?

This little baby is the perfect gift for students slaving away at their desks studying sociology or science in the hot cloying heat of summer. 

If you are in a dry climate top it up with water and it will help keep you damp (snigger). 

In a humid climate? Top it up with water anyway because you won’t get any damper.  If you need to cool down you can add ice too.

The perfect present for mom slaving away chopping up carrots (not sure we like the analogy but anyway), it’s the perfect present for geeks who so desperately NEED to be cool.

It’s the perfect present for travelers who don’t want to end up in some crappy room sweltering all night when the aircon fails and the maintenance guy is drunk.

An awesome present to put on your desk in the crowded office while the rest sweat away.  There will be little room for complaint as it’s quiet.

That’s five perfect present ideas right there.  Now neither four not five are particularly lucky numbers – least we don’t think so but they do add up to 9.

Annber Portable Air Con - Air Con for Cool Peeps

Portable Air Conditioner – Small Size

The size of four coke cans, this scientific marvel will fit in your backpack (we got one of those). 

It works off a USB and is small enough not to clutter your desk or overwhelm your bedside table (and it has a nice cool blue light too if you want the company).

Why is it scientific you may ask?

Well, don’t you know the cooling effect of evaporation which is why we sweat?  If that’s too high brow then adding ice to the water tank is even more effective and easier to understand.

We like cool personal space!  Oh, the 4-in-1 thing refers to it being a cooler, humidifier, purifier and fan – umm – with light – isn’t that 5?

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Review the Top 5 Reasons to Buy the Anbber Portable Air Conditioner

  • It’s versatile, can use as a stand-in if the main air-con breaks
  • It’s a mini aircon with mini costs, unlike room air-cons which gobble electricity.
  • It is small and be taken everywhere.
  • It has 4 different functions including a purifier, air cooler, humidifier and cooling fan.
  • Water lasts long so you don’t need to refill in every 5 minutes.