Ostrichpillow Travel Neck Support & Power Nap Thing

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A.K.A Admiral Akbar Head

Starwars aficionados will recognise the design idea for the Ostrich Pillow – Admiral Akbar on your head – tap a nap? Seriously?

Ostrich Travel Pillow
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Ostrich Travel Pillow
(As of: 2024/04/16 10:31 am - Details)
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The Ostrichpillow is for those times when you just need to bury your head in the sand and sleep – you might lose your ass but at least you’ll be rested!

Quite how having Admiral Akbar sitting on your head induces slumber we’re not quite sure – if you are not a Star Wars fan then this will be over your head  ^^’

That said, if your head is in the clouds then maybe a nap will bring you back to reality.  If you are not a dreamer then you soon will be once you put this on and take a look in the mirror.

It is, however, a serious product – borne out of hilarity maybe.  You slip it on, stick your hands inside atop your head and collapse on the desk.

You are sure not to be disturbed since you look exactly like an alien. If not that, then obviously there is some worse affliction you suffer from.

The Ostrichpillow is perfect for traveling since you will likely get a spare seat next to you wearing it.

If not the pillow will literally bury your head into an immersive environment even VR would struggle with.  And a sense of quiet too.

Ostrichpillow like Admiral Akbar
A Similarity?

The travel head pillow is somewhat like a return to the womb.  Wearing it will muffle outside sounds, feel like a cocoon but instead of the umbilical, there is thankfully an opening for your nose.

Made of viscose and elastomer and microbead fillings it is 100% unnatural – exactly as it looks.

Why everyone is mad about natural this and natural that is unclear – would you rather wear a nettle balaclava we ask?

Photo of Ostrich looks like its talking about the OstrichPillow Travel neck support
Everyone’s talking about the OstrichPillow travel neck support

Review the Top 5 Reasons to Buy the OstrichPillow Travel Pillow

  • Soft like mummy’s womb
  • Quiet muffled sounds let you slumber
  • No one will dare interrupt you
  • Integral falling overhead luggage protector
  • You may get a part as Admiral Akbar in any Star Wars re-make

Sources: Admiral Akbar Graphic courtesy of MontgomeryQ

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