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See Through Clear Shower Curtain Liner with Phone & Tablet Holder Pockets

A clear shower curtain liner with phone and tablet pockets has a lot of reasons that might make you take the plunge and buy one.  Let’s explore a few.

People Who Can’t Stop Watching TV or Youtube

How many times have you been sitting watching the telly or some video you can’t take your eyes off on YouTube. 

You know you have to go out for that hot date and better shower first and time is getting short. 

You have a decision to make here – carry on watching and be late or quit watching and be on time. 

If you quit you’ll be dissed at not being allowed to finish – a hidden cost that comes with hot dates by the way.

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Well, worry no more.  Grab one of these vinyl shower curtain liners and go shower whilst watching the end of whatever it is you were watching. 

Your phone or tablet will stay dry and you get the best of both worlds and smell nice as well!

People Who Can’t Be Away From Their Phone

You might be thinking of some millennial whose life revolves around social media or whose nose is invisibly stuck to the screen whilst walking, cycling or driving. 

But there are others who need access to their phones all the time.  A shower curtain liner with pockets for your devices is a good solution.

You can carry on an international phone conversation or call in late for work pretending its raining really hard which is making travel difficult. 

You can send shower selfies to your girlfriend or check in with the wife on what time you’ll be home. 

She can send emojis to her boyfriend or remind her husband to buy milk on the way home – never baby lotion you will notice!

Voyeurs & Exhibitionists

This class of people is more likely to use the clear shower curtain AS the shower curtain rather than as a liner. 

There lies the opportunity of watching your sleepover or partner shower in the morning.

Alternatively, if alone you can show off pictures of your naked beauty via your device by an encrypted message, of course, maintaining the necessary decorum.

General Information on the Clear Shower Curtain with Pockets for your iPhone or iPad

Whatever demographic you are, this waterproof shower curtain liner has 17 pockets to hold your cell phone or tablet.

The touch sensitivity of the devices will still work allowing you to use the device while keeping it dry.

  • The curtain has various pocket options in various orientations to give you all the options you need in regard to size, orientation, and height.
  • The see-through curtain is extra thick and heavy-duty vinyl with strong re-enforced hems and rust-free metal grommets.
  • At 72 inches x 72 inches it is big enough to keep the rest of the bathroom dry and does not need magnets to stop it sticking to you.
  • Ideal for guys who are not meticulous cleaners as you can easily see where the grime is and get it cleaned off so your date doesn’t think you are gross.
  • Watch, play with or listen to your phone or tablet in the shower.
  • 100% waterproof – well it’s plastic so it would be we suppose
  • Even Especially use your camera.
  • Features multiple phone and tablet sized pockets on the outside to hold your device.
  • Different height levels for everyone from tall adults to children.
  • Touch interaction from the inside of the shower or bath, change songs, play games, scroll through the news.
  • Can be used as a clear shower curtain liner on the inside of your favorite decorative fabric or cloth shower curtain, simply reach between to slip your device into a pocket.
  • You could even hook up a Bluetooth speaker and sing along to a favorite playlist. Encouragement idea for kids to shower or the weird people who sing shower opera.
  • Resists mildew, microbes, and mold
  • Work & Play while you shower

Makes a great gift for men, women and busy parents with young children.

Review the Top 5 Reasons to Buy the BunkerWall iPad Mount Clear Shower Curtain Liner

  • Can make use of time more productively.
  • You can text while showering or watch a Netflix series.
  • It can replace a shower curtain.
  • Made with good quality materials and rust-free metal grommets.
  • Has up to 17 Pockets.