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This gift bag organizer is also a gift wrap organizer – and it’s a great idea!

Gift Bag Organizer - Storage for Gift Bags
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Gift Bag Organizer - Storage for Gift Bags
(As of: 2024/04/14 7:02 am - Details)
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Are you fed up with searching for gift wrap paper when you need it?

Are you wasting hours looking for that ribbon you know you had leftover – and it’s crushed when you do find it?

Your answer is to organize your gift wrap, gift bags, and decorative gift ribbons.  But how?

In our house wrapping paper is on top of our wardrobes gathering dust and gift box bows are squashed up in drawers in the kitchen. 

If that’s the case you might be interested in our article 51 Pro Hacks to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

If you’re fed up with searching for wrapping paper come Xmas or birthdays you probably delegate the task to the kids.  Well, listen up that’s boring them crazy!

Take control & get organized for Christ’s sake.

Gift Bag Organizer or Gift Wrap Organizer

Do you prefer wrapping your gifts in gift bags and boxes?  Or do you use wrapping paper more?

If you mostly buy presents already boxed and simply wrap them in the original packaging then you will likely need more gift wrapping paper than gift boxes and bags. 

If that is the case you will be happier with a gift wrap organizer which focuses more on wrapping paper storage than gift bags and boxes. 

In which case take a look at this great gift wrap organizer.  It provides more pockets more suited to holding rolls of paper.

On the other hand, you may make your own presents in which case they will need either bagging or boxing before you wrap them. 

This gift bag organizer will be perfect for you then as it has wider pockets suitable for flat storage gift boxes and bags. 

It will hold gift wrap as well but this will need to be stored flat rather than rolled.

Invest in the smart gift bag organizer which has pockets for everything you need. 

Storage for gift box ribbons, wrapping paper, and gift bags all in one tidy hanger away from the dust that settles on the top of our wardrobes.

Now there’s no excuse to waste hours searching for that Christmas wrapping paper you bought last year or that ribbon your stuff away in some nook or cranny. 

You save time and sanity is safe in the family. Panic over!

The sturdy organizer holds a 54″ high and 17″ wide clear plastic container bursting with pockets to hold all your gift wrapping needs in one place.

Never again experience the frustration of crumpled gift wrap or crushed ribbons and bows.

Get yourself this gift bag organizer or a similar gift wrap organizer today & get ready for Christmas.

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Review the Top 5 Reasons to Buy the Gift Bag Organizer by Jokari

  • It can become a decoration for your room.
  • Keeps things organized and easy to find.
  • Keeps your wrappers safe.  Prevents your wrappers from becoming wrinkled and torn.
  • Doesn’t take up too much space.
  • Declutters the rest of the drawers & cupboards around the house
Gift Bag Organizer by Jokari - Gift Wrap Organizer