Dual Zone Temp Self-Making Bed Smartduvet

She’s Hot, You’re Cool Duvet

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KÖMFORTE | Couples Comforter | Duvet Insert | Warm & Cool Sides for Him and Her | Dual Zone Luxury Microfiber Alternative Down Blanket (White, King)
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KÖMFORTE | Couples Comforter | Duvet Insert | Warm & Cool Sides for Him and ...
(As of: 2024/04/14 7:01 am - Details)
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The Smartduvet dual-zone temperature self-making bed is very possibly a lifesaver. 

We used to have electric blankets which gave us nightmares from users waiting expectantly for electrocution. 

Wet dreams and electric currents are not good bedmates supposedly!

Just to the market is this dual-zone duvet – a bit like the dual temperature zones in upmarket cars. In this case better because it might actually work!

The idea is ingenious and works on evaporation a bit like your skin sweating and cooling in the breeze. 

Not only that but for those with idle partners who refuse to make the bed, the Smartduvet makes itself!

The Smartduvet works by pumping air, supposedly quietly, from a control box through each side of the duvet. 

If the speed of pumping the girlfriend side is faster than the speed the boyfriend’s side gets pumped, then she gets hotter. Who doesn’t want a hotter girlfriend – or vice versa?

Dual Zone Smartduvet
She’s hot but you’re still Cool

The pumping action has to exercise other benefits since the duvet is thereby oxygenated just like your blood when you exercise. 

Sitting on top of your bedsheets – the duvet we are talking about – the Smartduvet helps reduce sweating, removes humidity and lowers bed bug action. Nobody wants those little critters too active.

The icing on the cake is that the Smartduvet can make the bed itself if no one else can be bothered.

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Review the Top 5 Reasons to Buy the Dual-Zone Temp Self-Making Bed Smart Duvet

  • You can adjust the temperature to make you sleep better.
  • It’s a duvet so it’s very soft and comfortable.
  • Has two zones so you and your partner can have different temperatures.
  • Makes your bed self-making.
  • The duvet helps prevents bedbugs.
SMARTDUVET: The Dual Zone Climate-Controlled Self-Making Bed