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Our Cookie Policy

Your browser may be configured to accept cookies. If so we may collect information that is not personally identifiable using ‘cookies’ or ‘page tags’.

What’s a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are saved to your computer or mobile device. They identify your web browser and the activities of your computer on this and most other websites on the web.

What’s a page tag?

Page tags are the type of Internet technology which is used to help track website or email usage information. They track things such as the number of times a page has been viewed or email has been opened. Page tags are not visible to you but our webpages or any email sent by us may contain page tags.

Why does Weird by Design use cookies?

We use cookies to make the user experience more fluid and less intrusive. Cookies enable us to avoid having to ask if information repeatedly and allow us to see how users generally view the information we provide. They allow us to statistically monitor the popularity of our pages and language which in turn allows us to provide the most useful information we can for our viewers.

A website does contain links to third-party websites including affiliate websites such as and our policy does not govern those websites. You should view the cookie policy of each separate website you visit.

Do I have to accept cookies?

No you do not have to accept cookies from Weird by Design. If you reject cookies then certain parts of the website may not work as efficiently and you may be asked repeatedly for information. In short your user experience will not be as good.

You should understand that most website browsers are configured to accept cookies by default. To better understand how your web browser handles cookies and to configure their behaviour please visit the appropriate information for the particular browser you’re using.

The more about cookies please visit this About Cookies website.
Some cookies relate to our third-party advertising networks such as Google analytics, allow you to opt out or customise certain preferences associated with your browsing. You’ll need to refer to the documentation for each service that you wish to configure which you can find via a simple Internet search.

Categories of cookie

Cookies used on the website fall into the categories of strictly necessary, performance enhancing, functional and targeting and advertising.

List of Cookies Used on

Disqus Cookie – Commenting Security Duration 2 years
Facebook Cookie – Advertising Pixel. Duration 180 days
Google Analytics – Collects information on Site Use and referral data. Duration varies from twenty-four hours to 2 years
Social Sharing – Non-Personalised tracking of number of shares, pins, likes etc. – Duration transient.
YouTube – Video Streaming. Duration 1 year up to 20 years

Log files

We collect nonpersonal information in log files stored on our server. These record data such as browser types, referring websites and other anonymous data involving our services. We use this data to analyse trends, monitor the use of the website generally and to gather some broad demographic information. Where strictly necessary this information may be linked to your session for the purpose of personalising your experience on our website.