Is a Waterless Urinal at Home a Good Idea?

Zero Flush Toilet

I recently wanted to install a waterless urinal at my house but was unsure if it was a good idea what the benefits were or if there was a downside. So I did a little research bought my own urinal and was actually surprised at some of the results. So … Read more

How to Use a Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Kitchen Knives

It may seem obvious at first glance, until you actually go to try the first time that is. Then you start to doubt yourself. Am I holding it right? Should I move the knife like a saw or just tip to heel? Or should that be heel to tip? Does … Read more

Redesign Your Life

Design Your Life

Welcome to Weird by Design your go to resource for things a little special. We at Weird by Design know most of us live our lives constrained by time. We jump out of bed. Grab a quick shower and bite to eat. Give the kids and our partner a peck … Read more