Stylish Useful Bottle Opener

Photo of a champagne party popper

Magnetic Bottle Opener A handy tool, this magnetic bottle opener is stylish as well as practical. Some of us are stamp collectors and others collect bottle caps.  Both want undamaged goods and this magnetic bottle cap remover is a heck of a lot easier than steaming off stamps.  The design … Read more

Ecology Smart Notebook

Photo of a single note book with flowers

Smart Notebook – Tree-free, Write Normally, Rewritable, Uploadable to the Cloud The amazing smart notebook you can write normally in and then upload your notes to Dropbox, Evernote or several other cloud services. Not only that but you can then slap the Elfin 2.0 Smart Notebook in the Microwave to … Read more

Puraflame Flame Effect Electric Fake Fireplace

Photo of a warm fire place in the dark

Inviting Cockle Warmer You have to love the moniker “Faux Electric Fireplace” – any way to avoid using the words Fake Electric Fireplace huh! 🙄 It’s a shame because the PuraFlame Fake Effect Electric Fireplace is a fine contender as an idea to bring some warmth, charm and a focal … Read more

Hidden Floating Bookshelf

Books on a bookshelf

Floating shelf brackets that have your books floating on the walls – if you’re climbing the walls for ideas they’re the answer. Floating Shelf Brackets for Concealed Bookshelf Floating shelf brackets to make a hidden bookshelf that gives the appearance of books floating on your wall is a pretty cool … Read more

Ostrichpillow Travel Neck Support & Power Nap Thing

Photo of Ostrich looks like its talking about the OstrichPillow Travel neck support

: Editor’s Rating A.K.A Admiral Akbar Head Starwars aficionados will recognise the design idea for the Ostrich Pillow – Admiral Akbar on your head – tap a nap? Seriously? The Ostrichpillow is for those times when you just need to bury your head in the sand and sleep – you … Read more

Moxie Bluetooth Shower Head by Kohler

Photo of Kohler Moxie Music Showerhead

You’re So Vain Stream your favorite playlist along with the water. Might drown out your singing more than an iphone on your vanity but won’t improve it. Singing in the shower even with a quality Bluetooth shower head really is rather vain. But hey whatever shakes your booty! There are … Read more

What are the Latest Technologies for a Smart Bathroom

Smart Bathroom

On a recent trip to Japan, I realized how technologically conservative the rest of the world is. Most of Asia has embraced the onset of smart technology and they are integrating it into their lives through smart homes. Don’t worry the robots haven’t taken over just yet, but there is … Read more

7 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Energy Efficient

Solar Water Heater Tank Header

Let me paint a picture and you let me know if this sounds familiar. So you’re having a great day, enjoying breakfast with your family, sifting through your mail; then all of a sudden you get to your energy bill… Need I say more? [toc] No one likes getting a large … Read more