Yellow Jacket iPhone Stun Gun

photo of a policeman without an Iphone case stun gun

Zapper Phone Stun Gun Here’s a neat idea for people who feel vulnerable – a phone stun gun – specifically an iPhone stun gun but other models available. The problem with wandering around with a Taser is that they generally look like guns and make you look like an assassin.  … Read more

Aquaboy Air to Water Generator

Photo of water and air - sun and the sky

Air to Water Generator No mains water or well nearby – no problem for the Aquaboy air to water generator.  Just plug it into your mains and turn it on and it will give you drinking water.  Neat! Now granted if you have no water and no well you might … Read more

AtmosFX Phantasms – Halloween Hack

Photo of a woman dressed as a clown on Halloween

Scare the Crap Out of ‘Em Don’t go buying sweets to give your neighborhood trick or treaters, buy AtmosFX Phantasms DVD and project it onto the windows.  As the kids approach to disturb your evening switch on the projector pointed at the windows and turn the sound up.  You’ll have … Read more

Nebula Capsule Mini Smart Projector

Photo of people in a meeting using projector

Genie in a Can The size of a can of coke, this capsule type mini smart projector can fill a wall with images 100 inches diagonally and by a battery. With a brightness of 100 lumens, it’s enough to project onto a wall, a screen, the side of a tent, … Read more

Wine Saver Condoms for a Fun Experience

Photo of a champagne bottles in it's opening stages

Protection for Your Pinot Wine Saver Condoms provide protection. Protection against unwanted dribbles in your front seat, or back seat for that matter, on the way home in the car with a half-drunk bottle of wine after lunch or dinner out. Wine Bottle Condoms also provide a talking point when … Read more

Essey Illusion Side Table

Photo of a girl blending in with the background

Intriguing Illusion Side Table The uniquely designed illusion side table by Essay gives the illusion that your coffee table is really a floating tablecloth.  The transparent side table is a unique design, handmade in transparent acrylic.  The design focus is shaping to mimic the way a clear plastic tablecloth might … Read more

Naked Shower Curtain Chat

Photo of girl enjoying her shower

See Through Clear Shower Curtain Liner with Phone & Tablet Holder Pockets A clear shower curtain liner with phone and tablet pockets has a lot of reasons that might make you take the plunge and buy one.  Let’s explore a few. People Who Can’t Stop Watching TV or Youtube How … Read more

Best Levitating Lamp by Flyte

photo of man enjoying floating lightbuls

Best Levitation Lamp If you are looking to brighten up your home decoration and don’t know what to buy, a levitating lamp may be just the focal point you need. The Flyte levitating lamp is probably one of the best levitating light bulb products on the market. It might be … Read more

Super Steady Spoon

Photo of Old man with hand tremor

Liftware Steady Spoon Accessory to Combat Hand Tremor Shaking hands are a real problem for some people and this steady spoon aims to help offset the effect of shaking hands. The steady spoon (there’s also a fork accessory) is designed to reduce the frustration of eating.  It achieves this by … Read more

Euler’s Spinning Disk

Photo of time space and numbers

Bedazzling Euler’s Disk Editor’s Rating This Euler’s Spinning Disk is more of an adult toy than a child’s distraction.  It is a high-quality gadget that explores the scientific phenomenon of spinning. Ha! Bet you were not thinking of the science of spinning disks when you eyeballed this! Anyway, our old … Read more