Whole Bottle Wine Glass

Photo of grapes that will later be processed into a whole bottle of wine

Wine by the Bottle Glass Editor’s Rating Not going to overdo it are we?  The wine by the bottle glass ensures your continued integrity when asked ‘how many you had?’, and answer only a glass! But then again if you are that guilty of admitting how much you are drinking … Read more

Beer Savers – Silicone Caps

photo of cold drinks in a bottle with caps on

Brightly Colored Silicone Rubber Beer Saver Bottle Caps Editor’s Rating Multi-colored beer savers are durable, stretchy molded beer bottle caps to help keep beer fresh after opening. They make a great gift for emergencies when the party fails to gain momentum and you want to save those opened undrunk beers.  … Read more

Dual Zone Temp Self-Making Bed Smartduvet

Photo of a self-make rolled up smart duvet

She’s Hot, You’re Cool Duvet Editor’s Rating The Smartduvet dual-zone temperature self-making bed is very possibly a lifesaver.  We used to have electric blankets which gave us nightmares from users waiting expectantly for electrocution.  Wet dreams and electric currents are not good bedmates supposedly! Just to the market is this … Read more

Venus Royal Mosquito Trap Light

Photo of mosquito sucking a leaf

Cool Looking Mosquito Trap Editor’s Rating This USB Mosquito Trap Killer Light kills the mosquitoes by purely physical means, so very safe for people, especially babies and pregnant women. We guess it is for more personal use since it is powered by a USB that spews out 5 fantastic volts … Read more

Thumb Thing Thumb Splint

Photo of a book without a book page holder

Book Page Holder If you like to read, you must have the Thumb Thing!  It’s like a splint on your thumb even when your thumb is fine. This astounding idea is for those who need to keep the pages open with one hand leaving the other free to ….. well, … Read more

Sexy Art Deco Vintage Desk Light

Photo of two bedside lamp lights

Sexy Art Deco Light This vintage style Art Deco Light beside your bed will show you have class!  Did you know Art Deco is a design style originating from the beginning of the last century, around when your Grandad was born?   So if you want to show some style … Read more

Coldest Water Bottle – Keeps Stuff Hot Too

Photo of a family without a thermos

Anti Sweat Thermos The Coldest Water Bottle is ultimately a thermos.  It’s not a thermos like you’ve seen before though! Like every thermos on the planet, it’s a container within a container. Unlike quite a few similar thermic (cool plural huh?), the space in between is a vacuum and it’s … Read more

Coffee Cup Masquerading as a Camera Lens

photo of a photographer having a cup of coffee

Coffee for Photographers A coffee cup for photographers and camera freaks. Realistically designed to look like a camera lens to resonate with serious snappers.  Two lids so you can inevitably lose one and still have a spare assuming you can find it. The camera lens cup is thoughtfully provided with … Read more