About Us

Weird by Design is run by two schoolboys and our rather old dad who helps out when we get stuck. There is a lot of stuff we want but we don’t get to buy very much. It doesn’t reduce the desire for things though and we guess everyone who isn’t rich feels like that.

We get really bored trawling through pages and pages of boring stuff so we thought it a good idea to put all the cool stuff we think is funny or weird or well designed and might actually want ourselves in one place. Some things we just love the look of and want to share. Sharing with people is good for the world so we are sharing our ideas with you and hope you like them.

We love well-designed things. That means materials that feel nice, designs that look awesome or have some scientific, sexy or screwy factor or are just plain interesting or innovative. These are the things we showcase and those factors are the prime reason we bother to add them.

We don’t sell any of the products on the site and a lot of them do not generate any compensation for us but sometimes we do get a little bonus if you are referred by us to wherever we found them.

We are also happy to showcase products that you might want the world to see or services that are awesome. If you would like us to showcase something then please let us know by sending us an email using the form on our Contact page.